Four best echo pedals for guitars

A quartet of the finest echo units available today.

boss delay pedal

Have you always fancied a tape echo? Perhaps you’re a BBD enthusiast or maybe you never really escaped the 80s. Whatever your style or taste, there is an echo effect that’s perfect for you. Here are four of the finest…

Fulltone SSTE £729

Fulltone SSTE

Fulltone isn’t exactly coy about its latest tape echo unit being based on the Echoplex EP-3 – albeit with several improvements. It’s a third of the size, noise levels are lower, dry and wet levels are individually controllable and there’s a true bypass option. The SSTE is also a cheaper option than Fulltone’s valve TTE for any Jimmy Page or John Martyn fan.

Gurus Echosex 2 £269

Echosex 2

Designed and manufactured in Italy, this Binson Echorec-inspired pedal combines a PT2399 processor with a 12AX7 valve. The goal was to recreate the sound quality and the quirky characteristics of the original in a stompbox format, along with authentic styling and extended delay times. Early reports are encouraging, but will David Gilmour be buying one?

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man £204

EH Deluxe Memory Man

The original is one of the most highly regarded of the bucket brigade delays. Famous users include The Edge and Andy Summers. It’s currently unclear whether the reissue features BBD technology or a modern chip with filtering. Even so, it does all the usual delay tricks with up to 550ms delay and chorus and vibrato.

TC Electronic ND-1 £165

TC nd-1-nova-delay-persp

Described as a compact evolution of 80s favourite, the 2290, this stereo pedal has nine user presets and six delay types, including dynamic, reverse, ping-pong, pan and slapback. Modulation, tap tempo and audio tapping can be used with all delay types. TC started out making guitar pedals, and it’s good to see the company back in the game.

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