The best guitar picks to buy in 2023: ten great options for everything from strumming to chugging

Looking for some new picks? Here are our top, er, picks.

Picks – there are plenty out there, both on the market and in your washing machine. (Seriously, check your washing machine). While grabbing a new set of them might not be as exciting as, say, a new fuzz pedal, they’re ultimately one of the points at which you physically connect to your instrument. So pondering what particular pack of plectrums to pick up will probably prove practical. Let’s dive in.

The best guitar picks to buy in 2023, at a glance:

Fender 351

Fender 351

These classic picks from Fender are a nice balanced shape – not too sharp, not too rounded, and their flexible celluloid construction offers a reasonable amount of give if you need it, depending on which of the three thicknesses you go for. There’s also plenty of designs to choose from, with everything from classic tortoiseshell to the striking rainbow celluloid.

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Dunlop Flow Tortex

Dunlop Flow

Dunlop’s Flow picks are great for players who prefer a bit of a sharper plectrum tip. They’ve a huge range of thickness, all the way up to a beefy 1.5mm if you need absolutely no flex.

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Ernie Ball Everlast

Ernie Ball Everlast

Ernie Ball Everlast plectrums are made from durable delrin, meaning they truly live up to their name and last much longer than other picks. If you’re someone with a heavy picking hand or just the reassurance of a wear-resistant pick, they’re a great option.

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Dunlop Nylon Max Grip

Dunlop Nylon Maxgrip

Do you often find your pick shooting out of your hand and into the pint of some guy in the front row? If so, these might be the plectrums for you. They have a nonslip texture that’s moulded into the entire gripping surface, meaning that even if you hit hard and sweat litres per show, these should stay put. There’s a wide range of thicknesses, too all the way from .6mm for easy strumming up to 1.5mm for more accuracy.

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Ernie Ball Prodigy Standard

Ernie Ball Prodigy Standard

These unique picks are not for every player, but are ideal if you need your plectrums ultra-sharp, ultra-stiff and ultra-durable – especially if you’re chugging away downtuned riffs or sweep-picking at 200 bpm. Special features include a bevelled edge, as well as a precision-machined tip that’s kept sharp by the sturdy delrin construction.

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Dunlop Prime Grip

Dunlop Prime Grip

Similar in design to its Max Grip series, the Prime Grip picks feature delrin construction instead of nylon, leading to a slightly different feel and sound, as well as a bit of added durability.

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Gibson Standard

Gibson Standard

Similar in design and construction to Fender’s 351 picks, these standard picks don’t offer any out-there design choices, but are very affordable – a great choice if you’re happy with a balanced shape and celluloid construction.

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D’Addario Duralin Precision

D’Addario Duraline Precision

These are D’Addario’s take on the sharp delrin pick, with a range of thicknesses on offer – but across the board, solid construction and a sharp point for precise playing.

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Dava Control Picks

Dava Control

Dava Control Picks feature a larger control area and inserted moulded tips for a unique feel and sound. The tips are delrin, offering good durability and a smooth feel across the strings, while the control surface offers some unique versatility, in the sense that depending where you grip, the feel of the pick will change from stiff to flexible.

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D’Addario Duragrip

D'Addario Duragrip

These delrin picks are more rounded that D’Addario’s other delrin offerings, which may be appealing if you prefer a smoother attack – and on top of that, the neat grip-enhancing design on the gripping surface should stop it flying out of your hand mid-solo.

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