Four best wah pedals

Get squealing and squawking with these wah pedals.

Big or small, sweet or aggressive, trebly or bassy, vintage or modern, buffered or bypassed – whatever you need from a wah, there’s bound to be one out there that’s perfect for you…

Vox V846-HW £153

Vox V846

The company that started it all is still making wah pedals, and this hand-wired version of the V846 is top of the line. The circuit is constructed on turret board with carbon composite resistors and polyester film capacitors. There’s a halo-style inductor, too, but the only concession to modernity is the true-bypass switch. This one is high on vintage mojo, but light on features – and it’s battery only.

T-Rex Shafter £168


Offering a much wider frequency sweep, quieter operation, greater durability and three distinct wah settings, this T-Rex pedal claims to have addressed “all the weaknesses of the classic wah point by point” Features include custom coils and inductors, boost and slope knobs, a hot spot switch for classic or `heel to toe’ sweep and potentiometer-free operation.


Jim Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini £89


Traditional wahs take up a lot of space and they’re hard to attach to pedalboards. The Mini may be half-sized, but it’s loaded with a Fasel inductor and a three-way voicing switch for subtle, vintage and modern tones. It has true-bypass switching, too.

BYOC Wah Kit £67


This kit is basically a Clyde clone with a halo, BC108 transistors, true-bypass switching and a CTS potentiometer. There’s an optional output buffer and the gain, bass, mid and Q resistors are replaced with trim pots so you can tune the tone.

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