Eight new electric and acoustic guitars: October 2019

Our favourite new electric guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

Every month, we compile a few lists of guitars fresh out of the oven. Here’s one dedicated to the latest electric and acoustic guitars.

Martin DX Johnny Cash

The Martin SX Johnny Cash
Image: Martin

This all-black acoustic model is an update of the 2006 D-35 Johnny Cash. It’s based off the D-35 that the late singer requested of Martin in the early 70s. The new iteration features a dreadnought-shaped body built with jet-black HPL (high-pressure laminate) and star-shaped inlays.

Gibson Sheryl Crow Country Western Supreme


The Gibson Sheryl Crow Country Western
Image: Gibson

This Shery Crow signature Gibson arrives on the heels of the country star’s 10th and final album, Threads. It’s a reissue of the 1962 original Gibson Country Western acoustic guitar. Highlights of the instrument include aesthetic features of Crow’s original guitar – such as the distinctive pickguard – as well as tone improvements. The latter refers to Gibson’s 1930s advanced bracing pattern.

Jackson USA Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly

The USA Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly in Black
The USA Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly in Black

Arch Enemy’s guitarist Jeff Loomis has collaborated with Jackson on a new signature Kelly model. The aggressive axe features an ash body with a sandblasted ash top, maple neck and ebony fretboard. Mother of pearl sharkfin inlays provide a nice contrast to the guitar’s blackout aesthetic.

Fender Andy Summers Monochrome Strat

andy summers monochrome

Fender Custom Shop has teamed up with Leica and former Police guitarist Andy Summers on this limited-edition Strat. The collage that wraps around the guitar’s two-piece alder body features monochrome photographs made by Summers. Other highlights on the instrument include the iconic Leica ‘red dot’ inlay and Custom Shop ’60s Strat pickups.

Balaguer Guitars Hyperion T Standard


balaguer guitars Hyperion T Standard
The Hyperion T Standard

Balaguer Guitars recently introduced the Hyperion T Standard to its line-up. Unlike previous offerings, the new axe features a more sculpted heel and pronounced cutaway for better ergonomics. It also has a reverse inline headstock that Balaguer says improves string tension. In terms of pickups, the guitar sports an Austral alnico IV single-coil and an Evergreen humbucker.

Duesenberg Alliance Series Sascha Paeth

duesenberg alliance sascha paeth
Image: Martin Huch

This visually striking axe is a collaboration between Duesenberg and German metal icon Sascha Paeth. On top of its beautiful artificial snakeskin top, the axe features appointments said to “support Paeth’s explosive playing style”. Some of these include a new CAC neck-body transition, a Kill Switch and a sub-volume control.

Gibson Slash 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck

Gibson Slash 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck portrait

This formidable axe is touted as an exact replica of the dual-neck Slash bought back in 1990. Its tonewood features include a mahogany body with two mahogany necks and Indian rosewood fingerboards. For tone, the EDS-1275 has a pair of Custombucker Alnico IIIs for each neck. Only 125 pieces will be available, each hand-numbered and signed by Slash himself.

Fender Alternate Reality Electric XII

Fender Alternate Reality Electric XII

Joining Fender’s weirdly wonderful Alternate Reality range is this 12-string oddball. Based on the original 1965 Electric XII, this axe features a “hockey stick” headstock, offset body and a pair of split single-coils. The pups, voiced for “crisp, clear and balanced” tones, are governed by a three-position switch as well as master volume and tone controls.

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