Guitar DIY: How to correctly restring your Floyd Rose vibrato

Here's the best way to restring your tricky Floyd Rose vibrato. Allen keys at the ready...

In the final episode of our Guitar DIY series in association with Elixir Strings, Matt Gleeson of Monty’s Guitars talks us through the best way to restring your Floyd Rose vibrato system.

Matt shows you how to tackle one of the most difficult tasks in guitardom, restringing a Floyd Rose vibrato. First conceived in 1976, the Floyd Rose rose to popularity throughout the 80s, with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and Alex Lifeson all adopting the system into their guitar setups.



Whether it’s a Charvel, Jackson or even a modern Les Paul, Matt takes you through the optimal way to remove old strings and to restring the bridge correctly string by string, from cutting off the ball end to the correct amount of winds around the string tree. He also details the correct tension to allow on each string, and ensuring that the guitar stays in pitch at all times for more accurate pitch and intonation.

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