Guitar DIY: When to change your acoustic guitar strings

From string breakage to corrossion, here's why you should change your guitar strings.

Matt Gleeson of Monty’s Guitars talks you through the optimal time to change your guitar strings.

In episode four of our DIY series Matt explains the multiple reasons why your guitar may be in need of a new set of strings, from dullness and corrosion to the impact a heavy pick can have and more.



Matt also details the equipment you’ll need, from wire cutters and a fresh set of strings to string winders and even a peg removal device. Whether you’re an acoustic aficionado, a die-hard Metallica fan or even have a penchant for jazz, we’re sure you’ll agree that upgrading your strings is the fastest and cheapest way to improve your guitar’s tone and feel.

Other videos in this series include a basic Stratocaster setup, how to clean your fretboard correctly and how to perform a basic Les Paul setup.

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