Eight new electric and acoustic amplifiers: December 2019

Our favourite new amp and speaker announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

Every month, we compile a list of announcements, releases, and rumours from amp and speaker makers big and small. Here are our favourites from the past month.

Harmony 8418


Harmony's 8418 amp.
Image: Harmony


Harmony’s 8418 is a small five-watt combo that is a reissue of the original, first manufactured in the 50s. The amp’s circuitry is hardwired and features a single volume control for managing output. A 6SJ7 tube drives the preamp section and the power stage houses a single 6V6 tube. The Harmony 8418 also comes with a six-inch alnico Jensen speaker.

Blackstar ID:CORE 10 V2

Blackstar ID:CORE V2
Image: Blackstar

Blackstar’s ID:CORE 10 V2 puts on a scary face for Halloween with its Mexican Calavera-inspired grille cloth. The amp still retains Blackstar’s signature Infinite Shape Feature which alters the sonic imprint of the ID:CORE 10 V2, while an additional Voice function allows you to take this aspect of customisation another step further.

Joyo Preamp House

Joyo Preamp House
Image: Joyo Audio

Joyo’s Preamp House contains 18 classic amp simulations that are based on historic amps like the Vox AC30, Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier and EVH 5150. Onboard controls include a three-band EQ, a gain knob, a nine-position simulation selector, and A (clean) and B (distortion) channel footswitches. The Preamp House also features a built-in cab sim that supports two different output modes.

Mooer Hornet White

Mooer Hornet White
Image: Mooer


The Hornet White features Mooer’s ‘non-linear modelling technology’ that manifests in the form of responsive preamps. It features a top control panel for management of bass, treble, midrange, volume and gain, while the chickenhead knob on the front of the amp selects from nine amp models. The Hornet White also has three built-in modulation effects and can hold nine different presets.

Rawson Sparfield Harry Joyce

Rawson Sparfield Harry Joyc
Image: Chris Hewitt / Rawson Sparfield via Vimeo

This 100W head by UK amp-maker Rawson Sparfield is designed to emulate Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s live tone, specifically the one involving the use of a Hiwatt DR103/F2B power amp-preamp circuitry. The amp provides a high amount of headroom and the matching cabinet comes loaded with four 100W 12-inch speakers.

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

Orange Crush Acoustic 30
Image: Orange Ampliication

Orange’s new Crush 30 amps are designed for acoustic guitars, and feature two channels as well as a chorus and reverb effect. The XLR input of the second channel supports either a second guitar or a microphone. A global notch filter also allows the user to manage feedback levels with precision and efficiency.

Mesa/Boogie Mark V: 25 1×10

Mesa/Boogie Mark V 25
Image: Mesa/Boogie

Mesa’s latest addition to the Mark V series comes in a 25W 1×10 combo. The amp includes the brand’s patented Multi-Watt channel assignable power amp and proprietary Dyna-Watt technology, meaning that the amp can be run at either 10W (triode) or 25W (pentode). Other onboard features include an all-tube spring reverb, a buffered tube FX loop and a built-in CabClone cabinet simulator with internal amp load and headphone output.

Carvin Mach100

Carvin Mach100
Image: Carvin

The Carvin Mach100 is a 100W power amp that has the ability to drive two guitar cabinets of four, eight or 16 ohms and features two stereo channels. It’s also equipped with just one volume knob to control master volume, and a solitary mute switch. An additional line-in jack onboard allows the user to insert a backing track into a performance, as well as a phones output that allows for monitoring the output using a 3.5mm stereo cable.

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