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Five new electric guitar amplifiers for April 2018

Five new electric guitar amplifiers for April 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a list of announcements, releases and rumors from amp makers big and small. Here are our favorites from the past month.

Joe Bonamassa Signature Fender Amp

Fender '59 Twin Amp JBJoe Bonamassa’s unabashed when it comes to his new signature amp, which is a reissue of Fender’s popular ’59 tweed Twin-Amp. “The king of amps is back! It’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest amplifier ever built,” he said.

Headstrong Corduroy Amp

Headstrong Corduroy Amp

This 20-watt amp is a hand-wired reproduction of the renowned, ’60s-era Fender 6G3 Brown Deluxe.

Acoustic A15

Acoustic A15V

This 15-watt acoustic amp sports an XLR input, a ‘wedge’-shaped design and an in-built analog chorus.

Orange Brent Hinds

The January release of the Brent Hinds Orange Terror amp lacked the Mastodon guitarist’s very own demo video. So here’s his attempt to make up for that.

Bergantino Bass Cab HG410

According to its crafters, the HG410 is the lightest and smallest 4×10-inch cabinet you’ll find. And it also packs in a rear-firing woofer to add more to that 3D sound.

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