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Eight new electric and acoustic guitars: September 2018

Eight new electric and acoustic guitars: September 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and acoustic guitars.

Fender FSR MIJ Traditional Stratocaster XII

Fender trad MIJ 12-string

Among the four new MIJ guitars Fender has launched in the US, this 12-string Strat is the one that caught our eye. It’s based on the 1965 Fender Electric XII, and sports several old-school specs, such as a 7.25-inch-radius fretboard and vintage-style tuners.

Furch Indigo Deluxe CY

Furch Indigo Deluxe CY

A solid red cedar top, an African mahogany neck and Furch’s ‘open-pore’ finish are three highlights of this handsome acoustic guitar.

G&L CLF Research Skyhawk

G&L CLF Research Skyhawk

G&L’s reissue of the 1984 electric retains the sexy curves, Leo Fender-designed single-coils and intriguing switching system of the original.

Fender Tele Thinline Super Deluxe

Fender Tele Thinline Super Deluxe Parallel universe

The fifth Parallel Universe model is a mash-up of a Gretsch, Thinline Tele and Cabronita. Two TV Jones Classic Filter’Tron humbuckers power the semi-hollow guitar, while block inlays, neck and body bindings, and a sparkling silver pickguard add retro flair.

Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Albert Lee HH

ernie ball music man albert lee hh

Released as part of the Ball Family Reserve’s August collection, this souped-up Albert Lee model boasts a sparkling orange finish, two custom DiMarzio humbuckers and a hand-fitted neck binding.

Xotic California Classic XTC

XTC guitars california series

This custom, US-made line of Tele-style axes is all about combining vintage aesthetics with premium, modern-day appointments. You can pick the tonewoods, relic finishes, and fret sizes—just to name a few options Xotic has laid on the table.

Solar A2.6

Solar Guitars A2.6 Lemon Neon

No, it’s not exactly a new guitar. Solar has announced four new finishes for its popular A2.6 model, some of which shirk the ‘stealth’ aesthetics for which the brand is known.

Cort CR300

Cort CR300

Equipped with active EMG humbuckers, this Les Paul-style six-string isn’t as traditional as its Aged Vintage Burst finish may suggest.