Home Guides Buyer's Guides Nine new electric and acoustic guitars: August 2018

Nine new electric and acoustic guitars: August 2018

Nine new electric and acoustic guitars: August 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and acoustic guitars (and a couple of basses).

Gibson 2018 Billie Joe Armstrong LP Jr

Gibson LP jr Billie Joe Armstrong

Here’s a stripped-down Les Paul for the Green Day frontman—and as you’d expect, it’s simple, frills-free and powerful enough for any punk riff.

PRS SE Bernie Marsden

PRS SE Bernie Marsden

This year’s limited-edition run of the Whitesnake guitarist’s signature instrument adds a new finish to the roster: Tobacco Sunburst.

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special Bass

The 2018 edition of the classic bass is lighter, more comfortable to play, and has a revoiced active preamp section. It’s available in H and HH configurations, and in four- and five-string versions.

Fender Troublemaker Tele Deluxe

Fender Parallel Universe Troublemaker Tele Deluxe

From the brand’s Parallel Universe series, the Troublemaker Tele Deluxe is a Les Paul-Tele hybrid with two Shawbuckers, an Adjust-o-matic bridge and a gorgeous bound mahogany body.

Yamaha Pacifica 612VIIFM

Yamaha PAC612VIIFM Indigo Blue

The limited run of the Pacifica 612VIIFM comes in two new finishes—Indigo Blue and Translucent Black—that flaunt the guitar’s flame maple top.

Reverend Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass

Reverend Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass

For the bass’ namesake musician, Reverend has created a versatile and minimalist instrument that’s modeled after the Precision Bass.

Cort Gold-O8

Cort Gold-O8

The Gold-O8 is an orchestra-sized acoustic that’s spec’ed out to be one of the brand’s higher-end models.

Strandberg Sälen Classic and Deluxe

Strandberg Salen Classic

The Sälen is an innovative take on the Telecaster, with a fanned fretboard, headless neck and other premium appointments.

Warwick RockBass Corvette Taranis

Warwick corvette taranis 2018

This four-string bass is designed to be tuned to B-E-A-D, and has a pair of active EMG DC35 soapbars that provide a crisp top end and dirty low growls.