10 new electric and acoustic guitars: December 2019

Our favourite new electric and acoustic guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

Every month, we compile a few lists of guitars fresh out of the oven. Here’s one dedicated to the latest electric and acoustic guitars.

Wylde Audio Odin Grail Orange Buzzsaw

The Wylde Audio Odin Grail Orange Buzzsaw is spec’d similarly to the standard Odin Grail guitar. They have with the same single-cut mahogany body and arched maple top, loaded with two signature Zakk Wylde EMG humbuckers. These are controlled with two independent volume knobs and a master tone knob.

Asken Guitars Intercooler Drop Top

The Asken Drop Top
Image: Asken Guitars


The Asken Guitars Intercooler Drop Top’s body uses a single piece of chambered Honduras mahogany topped with quilted birdseye maple, while the neck is made of African mahogany along with an Indian rosewood fretboard. It’s fitted with 22 frets, and has a compound radius that runs from 7¼” to 12”. The five-way selector switch will allow for a range of tones, splitting the two Ian Anderson “T-top” humbuckers for quickly accessible single coil sounds.

Faith Guitars PJE Legacy FG5 ‘Dark Roast’ Earth

Faith Guitars PJE Legacy FG5 'Dark Roast' Earth.
Image: Faith Guitars

Faith Guitars has recently unveiled the PJE Legacy FG5 ‘Dark Roast’ Earth as the latest addition to their PJE catalogue. The Dark Roast features a solid African Mahogany body, with the top having undergone a ‘torrefaction’ process via roasting. In terms of electronics, the Dark Roast has a Fishman Flex-T system, which incorporates an under saddle piezo along with a condenser mic.

Knagg Guitars Kenai-J

Knaggs Kenai-J
Image: Knaggs Guitars

Guitar builder Knagg Guitars has launched the Kenai-J, a flat-top single-cut available in numerous finishes and pickup configurations. You can order the guitar with either a single bridge humbucker, a single bridge dog-ear P90, two humbuckers, or two soapbar P90s. The double pickup versions also come with a three-way selector switch.

Solar Guitars V1.6 Artist

The Solar V1.6
Image: Solar Guitars


The Solar Guitars V1.6 Artist’s V-shaped swamp ash body puts the grain on clear display, coming in either an open-pore black or an open-pore red finish. It’s loaded with two Seymour Duncan Solar humbuckers, and control-wise features only a three-way selector switch and a master volume control. Along the neck’s side are glow-in-the-dark fret markers for quickly grabbing the right frets on a dark stage.

Dean Kerry King V Limited Edition

The Kerry King V Limited Edition
Image: Dean

The Dean Kerry King V Limited Edition V body bears some striking visuals true to Slayer’s aesthetic. The points of the body and headstock are hooked inwards, and the guitar’s satin black finish sports an inverted-cross decal next to the controls. Features include a switch to engage the preamp booster for the EMG 81 bridge pickup, and another two to toggle the Sustainiac neck pickup on or off and select its mode – alongside the standard selector switch and master volume and tone controls.

Godin Radiator

The Godin Radiator in Trans Cream.
Image: Godin

This iteration of the Godin Radiator retains some design elements from the original – like the eye-catching body faceplate – but overall, it features a much more modern design. The bridge system consists of a wraparound bridge with compensated saddles that provide the necessary setup for proper intonation and promote a better transference of string vibration for improved sustain.

Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard ‘Norm Burst’

Joe Bonamassa playing the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard 'Norm Burst'.
Image: Epiphone

The Norm Burst features a single-cutaway mahogany body with an AA maple cap and a flame veneer top. It features a finish which is similar to the Heritage Cherry Burst of the original. In terms of electronics, the guitar comes loaded with a set of Epiphone ProBuckers set up with Mallory tone caps and 50s-style wiring.

Fender QMT Stratocaster HSS and QMT Telecaster Pale Moon

The Fender American QMT Stratocaster HSS Pale Moon and QMT Telecaster Pale Moon.
Image: Guitar Center

The Fender American QMT Stratocaster HSS Pale Moon and QMT Telecaster Pale Moon are named for their pale moon ebony fingerboards and quilt maple veneers. The Stratocaster HSS Pale Moon comes loaded with Fender Custom Hot pickups in a HSS configuration while the Telecaster Pale Moon comes with two Fender Custom Hot pickups and a three-way switch with modern wiring.

Cort Gold-OC6

Cort Gold OC6
Image: Cort

The Cort Gold-OC6 is a smaller-bodied guitar than the rest of the range, and has a slimmer neck than its bigger siblings. The single-cutaway guitar sports an African mahogany back and sides and a solid ‘Aged to Vintage’ Sitka spruce top. The Gold-OC6’s output is driven by a Fishman Flex Blend preamp, which combines an under-saddle pickup and condenser mic for a blended, natural sound.

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