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12 new electric and acoustic guitars for April 2018

12 new electric and acoustic guitars for April 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and acoustic guitars (and just a couple of basses).

Cort L200ATV

Cort L200ATV

The first model of Cort’s ‘Aged to Vintage’ guitar series is the L200ATV, whose soundboard has undergone a torrefaction process to deliver the tones of a decades-old instrument.

Jericho Alpha 5 bass

Jericho Alpha 5

The Alpha 5 boasts high-quality hardware and craftsmanship in a sleek and stealthy package.

Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorer “Dark”

Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorer

While the first Lzzy Hale Explorers only come in Alpine White, these new ones feature a “dark” vibe that’s reminiscent of Black Beauties.

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky

PRS Silver Sky Tungsten

Just about everything there is to be said about John Mayer’s new Strat-styled PRS guitar has already been said. Essentially, it’s the bluesman’s idea of “what a reboot of the electric guitar should look and feel like.”

Gibson Gary Clarke Jr Signature SG

Gibson Gary Clark Jr

Gary Clarke earns a new, but classic finish for his signature Gibson SG in Vintage Cherry.

Ernie Ball Music Man March Ball Family Reserve

Ernie Ball Music Man Family Reserve March 2018

Not one, but three: Ernie Ball’s ultra-limited-edition offerings for March include new variations of the Axis, Cutlass, and the John Petrucci signature model.

Gibson Vivian Campbell Les Paul Custom

Gibson Vivian Campbell Les Paul Custom Signature

What started out as a ‘Frankenstein’ of a guitar—a ’70s Les Paul Custom neck combined with a Les Paul Standard body—eventually culminated in the signature axe of the Def Leppard guitarist.

Solar Guitars E1.6 Jensen

Solar E16 Patrik Jensen

The E1.6 was designed in collaboration with The Haunted’s Patrik Jensen, and boasts all the features that make it an ideal axe for fretwork acrobats.

Teye Gypsy Queen

Teye Gypsy Queen

Thanks to its laser-etched aluminum finish that looks more like armor, the Gypsy Queen is one of the more exotic guitars out there.

Tim Reede Opus 75 SJ

Tim Reede Opus 75SJ

Premium tonewoods (Carpathian spruce and ovangkol), a fanned-fretboard design, and high-quality hardware make this one of the grandest acoustics you’ll set your eyes upon.

Roks Nardis Bass

With premium appointments, an ergonomic body shape, and Häussel hum-cancelling single-coils, the Nardis bass gives you all the low-freq you need for any musical style.

Ibanez PS1DM Paul Stanley Signature

Ibanez Paul Stanley PS1DM

Inspired by the Ibanez Iceman, the PS1DM sports a unique body shape, Seymour Duncan humbuckers and a Gibraltar bridge. But everyone knows it’s all about that dazzling finish.

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