10 new electric and acoustic guitars: July 2020

Our favourite new electric and acoustic guitar announcements, releases and rumours of July 2020.

Every month, we compile a few lists of guitars fresh out of the oven. Here’s one dedicated to the latest electric and acoustic guitars.

Harley Benton Dullahan-AT 24 TBK

Harley Benton Dullahan 24 TBK
Image: Harley Benton

One of two new additions to Harley Benton’s headless Dullahan lineup, the Dullahan-AT 24 TBK features an ergonomic mahogany alto body, along with a 24-fret bolt on maple neck and an ebony fretboard. Its pickups are a duo of Roswell HAF humbuckers, which are controlled via master volume and tone controls, and a five-way pickup selector. Especially striking is the model’s transparent black finish – reflective of the guitar’s dark mythological namesake.

Gretsch G9520E Gin Rickey Acoustic/Electric with Soundhole Pickup


Gretsch G9520 Gin Rickey
Image: Gretsch

Gretsch unveiled a smorgasbord of impressive new guitar models earlier this July, including this charming parlour acoustic. The G9520E Gin Rickey stays true to the Gretsch “Rex” parlour guitars of the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, with a non-cutaway basswood body, X-bracing and a top-loaded walnut bridge. There’s also a Deltoluxe pickup resting atop the soundhole for your amplification needs.

Jackson Pro Series Limited Edition Soloist Arch Top Extreme SL27 EX

Jackson Sl27EX
Image: Jackson

This “extreme” model gets its name from two places: its sparkly blue finish and its 27-fret fingerboard. In order to accommodate the higher frets, and allow players to achieve the scale runs of their dreams, the SL27 EX adopts an extended lower cutaway. Also, for comfortable bending, it’s three-piece maple neck’s ebony fingerboard runs a 12-16 inch radius.

Fender Custom Shop Ron Thorn Meteora

Ron Thorn Meteora
Image: Fender

The very first Meteora out of the Fender Custom Shop comes with craftsmanship from Master Builder Ron Thorn. And while the guitar adopts the wicked body shape of its Parallel Universe and Alternate Reality predecessors, this one-off guitar seems to go down its own path.


It adopts a set of TV Jones Filter’Tron pickups, specifically a TV Jones Classic in the neck position and a Classic Plus in the bridge position, a hardtail bridge, and a very retro White Blonde nitro-cellulose finish with “Closet Classic” aging. Unsurprisingly, this premium instrument will set you back a pretty penny; but it’s still a really cool guitar if you have about $10,000 to splash.

Reverend Ron Asheton Signature Jetstream 390

Ron Asheton Jetstream
Image: Reverend

Reverend launched a new Jetstream 390 model dedicated to Stooges founding member, Ron Asheton. This guitar comes finished in the late guitarist’s favourite Rock Orange colour, and also sports a lightning bolt decal on its upper horn. Its construction consists of a Korina body, and a Boneite nut-fitted maple neck. In accordance with its 390 name, it’s loaded with three P90 pickups for a wide sonic palette, with more tonal options on tap thanks to Reverend’s signature bass contour control.

Fender Maverick Dorado

Fender Maverick Dorado
Image: Fender

The Maverick Dorado pays tribute to one of more outlandish guitar designs from Fender’s past – a six-string known simply as the “Custom” and composed of leftover 12-string guitar parts.

This Parallel Universe edition of the “Custom” makes some notable changes to the original, adding a set of Tim Shaw designed Filter’Tron humbuckers and a Bigsby vibrato system with an Adjust-O-Matic bridge. For period-accuracy, the guitar sports a thick 60s C maple neck, and features a headstock design identical to the Fender Electric XII.

Sterling By Music Man Jared Dines

Dines StingRay
Image: Sterling By Music Man

YouTube guitar sensation Jared Dines received a signature StingRay model by Sterling by Music Man this month – but notably, it’s also the first ever 24-fret StringRay. The Dines StingRay pairs a mahogany body with a hard maple neck for a completed scale length of 25.5 inches. Its electronics notably include a duo of hot-rodded custom humbuckers, a killswitch and a concentric volume/tone knob, all designed to accommodate Dines’ playing style.

Godin Nylon Series Concert

Godin Nylon Concert
Image: Godin

Godin Guitars paid tribute to its La Patrie brand of nylon-stringed guitars with the launch of the Nylon Series, featuring brand-new acoustic models. The Nylon Series Concert is a 19-fret model that features mahogany backs and sides, a cedar top and a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. Models of the Nylon Series are said to continue being made in the same factory as the La Patrie guitars that came before them.

Luna Bamboo Guitar

Luna Guitars Bamboo Dreadnought
Image: Luna Guitars

It’s no bamboo-zle, Luna Guitars unveiled the Woodland Bamboo acoustic model earlier this month – uniting “solid tone and summer vibes”, according to the brand. This dreadnought acoustic model features a body construction of renewable bamboo, finished in a natural satin. Meanwhile, its neck is mahogany, and comes paired with a 20-fret pau ferro fingerboard.

Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR E Ash, Ebony Fingerboard, Neon Pink Ash

Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Sandblasted
Image: Charvel Guitars

Charvel’s latest addition to the Pro-Mod series comes in an eye-catching sandblasted finish. The finishing technique involves blasting the guitar’s swamp ash body, and then filling it out with a colour, in this case neon pink. In the electronics realm, things are kept similarly stripped-back, with two humbuckers: a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a DiMarzio PAF Pro DP151 in the neck. These are controlled by a push-pull volume and master tone, and a three-position blade switch. The middle position, depending on whether you’ve engaged the coil-split, is either the outer or inner coils of the two pickups.