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11 new electric and acoustic guitars for June 2018

11 new electric and acoustic guitars for June 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and acoustic guitars.

Lucem Guitars The Unorthodox

Lucem Guitars Neil Halstead Unorthodox

Neil Halstead’s two most well-known bands, Slowdive and Mojave 3, have made names for themselves on the fringes of the mainstream. And looks like the guitarist’s new signature six-string, from the boutique UK luthiery Lucem Guitars, is no different.

Warwick Masterbuilt Streamer Stage I LTD

Warwick Masterbuilt Streamer Stage I LTD

This top-of-the-line bass is luxuriously appointed, from the exotic tonewoods to the Aguilar preamp and pickups to the careful construction—and it has a price tag to match.

D’Angelico DC 12-string

D'Angelico DC 12-string

This ES-335-harking semi-hollow is D’Angelico’s first-ever 12-string electric. It’s powered by a pair of Duncan Designed humbuckers that promise a full midrange and articulate highs—in other words, perfect for strumming chords.

Fender Parallel Universe 2018 American Elite Telecaster HSS

Fender American Elite Telecaster Parallel Universe

A unique three-pickup configuration—with a bridge ShawBucker—and Strat-style wiring take this eccentric, ash-bodied instrument a notch above your typical Tele.

Epiphone Ltd Ed Jason Hook “M-4” Explorer Outfit

Epiphone Jason Hook M4 Explorer

The Five Finger Death Punch guitarist has a new Explorer to sling onstage. It’s hot-rodded thanks to the Seymour Duncan humbuckers, has eye-catching graphics inspired by the Sherman tank, and comes equipped with several other Jason Hook-endorsed playability tweaks.

Fender 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster

Fender 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster

To celebrate the Jazzmaster’s six decades of existence, Fender has released this unusual model that sports three Tim Shaw-designed humbuckers. They fall between the classic, syrupy Jazzmaster tone and a more rockabilly-inspired one.

D’Angelico Excel EXL-1

D'Angelico Exxcel EXL-1

The 2018 version of D’Angelico’s flagship archtop features updates to its aesthetics and an upgrade to its pickup: It now boasts a Seymour Duncan Johnny Smith floating mini-humbucker.

Solar A1.6 ATG

Developed in collaboration with Jonas Stålhammar and Martin Larsson, guitarists for At the Gates, the A1.6 ATG is a baritone beast equipped with Fishman Fluence Modern active humbuckers.

Grez Guitars Mendocino Baritone

Grez Mendocino Baritone

Grez Guitars’ popular Mendocino semi-hollow now comes as a 28.5-inch scale baritone. It’s an all-solid-wood guitar with quality after-market parts and, interestingly enough, the option of adding a Bigsby unit.

Framus Masterbuilt William DuVall Talisman Signature

Framus Masterbuilt William DuVall Talisman

An AAA flamed maple top with a quilted maple insert will reel you in, but the Seymour Duncan humbuckers ensure the Alice in Chain’s guitarist’s new signature model sounds as good as it looks.

Collings Guitars AT 16

Bill Collings Tribute AT16

From tragedy comes beauty: Collings Guitars’ AT 16 acoustic archtop is a stunning tribute to the company’s founder, Bill Collings, who passed away last year.

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