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11 new electric and acoustic guitars: November 2018

11 new electric and acoustic guitars: November 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and acoustic guitars.

Les Paul Classic Player Plus 2018

gibson les paul classic player plus

Part of the new Les Paul Player Plus Series, this axe features a set of P-90s that Gibson claims will “produce those historic tones and vibes you associate with classic Les Pauls from the past.”

Gibson Ltd Etd Slash “Brazilian Dream” Les Paul

If you’ve got 13 grand laying around, you may want to consider this Slash signature LP. Its centrepiece is its highly-prized Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, which has become a rarity in the past half century.

Epiphone Ltd Ed John Lee Hooker 100th Anniversary Zephyr

john lee hooker epiphone

This axe was created in collaboration with the Hooker’s family to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday. The limited-edition guitar is a faithful recreation of the late bluesman’s cherished 1961 Epiphone archtop Zephyr.

Fender 2018 Limited Edition Jaguar Strat

fender jaguar strat

If you’re a fan of the classic Strat body and finicky Jaguar control system, this may just be your dream guitar. If nothing else, this has to be the most handsome addition to Fender’s Parallel Universe line-up yet.

Solar Guitars V2.6 Halloween

solar guitars halloween V2.6

Solar Guitars’ V2.6 Halloween is both stage- and studio-ready. Seductive aesthetics aside, this V-type packs a mean punch with its Duncan Solar Alnico V humbuckers.

PRS SE Standard 24

PRS SEStandard24 6 Finishes

PRS has launched a limited run of its popular SE Standard 24 model, featuring six new finishes but the same unwavering quality.

Ball Family Reserve Valentine

Ernie Ball Music Man October Family Reserve Collection Valentine Pine Green

This beautiful James Valentine signature model features a select ash body, matching body and headstock finish in Pine Green, white pickup rings and gold hardware. There are only 63 pieces available though, so don’t sleep on it for too long.

Reverend Wildwood Exclusive Pete Anderson Eastsider T

wildwood reverend eastside t guitar

Reverend Guitars and WIldwood Guitars have come together for this unique take on the Pete Anderson Eastsider T, coated in an attention-grabbing Aqua Sparkle finish.

Ovation Guitars Glen Campbell signatures

Ovation Guitars Glen Campbell Signature Feature Image

These Glen Campbell signatures, available in cutaway or non-cutaway versions, are modelled after Ovation’s iconic “1771” design. Each guitar has a bowl-shaped body and an AAA Sitka spruce top.

Solar Guitars A1.6FRC

Solar Guitars A1.6FRC Carbon Black Matte

This Solar model packs a Floyd Rose 1000 tremolo system built from hardened steel and brass. This allows the guitar to deliver a dynamic vibrato while mechanically muting tremolo springs, therefore eliminating unwanted noise.

Reverend Guitars Squatch Hammer

Reverend Guitars Todd Evans Signature Squatch Hammer

This Todd Evans Signature model is essentially a Reverend Guitars Volcano that’s received a healthy dose of metal. Think heavier tones, faster feel and longer sustain.