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Eight new electric and acoustic guitars for May 2018

Eight new electric and acoustic guitars for May 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to electric and acoustic guitars.

Cort X500

Cort X500

Here’s a bargain of a six-string: The X500 sports quality after-market pickups, high-quality construction and premium hardware—and it’ll set you back only about a grand.

Caparison Horus-M3 CC

Caparison Horus M3 CC Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox, guitarist of The Iron Maidens, receives a signature axe that’s a shred-friendly version of Caparison’s Horus-M3 model.

Ernie Ball Music Man 2018 Cutlass RS

Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass RS SSS

A gorgeous roasted figured maple neck is the key highlight of the 2018 Cutlass models.

Fender Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid

Fender Strat-Tele Hybrid Parallel Universe

Classic Tele looks plus a Stratocaster’s features equals this hybrid guitar that looks as though it emerged through a portal from an alternate timeline.

Framus D-Series Diablo Supreme

Framus’ new D-Series of electrics runs the gamut from budget to premium—and the Diablo Supreme is the most spec’ed-out of the lot.

Ovation Richie Sambora Signature Series Elite Double Neck

Ovation Richie Sambora

This twin-necked axe—popularized in Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” video—is a six- and 12-stringer with a solid Sitka spruce top, ebony fretboard and star inlays.

Ball Family Reserve Axis Super Sport Buckeye Burl Top

Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport Buckeye Burl

This über limited-edition Axis Super Sport has an incredible buckeye burl top, among other exotic tonewoods.

Strandberg USA Select

Not a guitar per se, this line of bespoke headless guitars is meant to be an alternative answer to the Swedish brand’s Made to Measure series.

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