Every month, we’ll compile a list of announcements, releases and rumors from amp makers big and small. Here are our favorites for the month of February.

Fender Hot Rod and Rumble amplifiers
Fender Hot Rod

Fender has upgraded its popular Hot Rod series of tube guitar amps and Rumble bass amps for 2018, with refinements to their features, components and cosmetics. Two brand new Rumbles were also added to the range.

Orange Crush Mini
Orange Crush Mini

It has an internal battery, weighs under two pounds and measures just 5.7 inches high—the new Crush Mini is small.

Marshall Origin series
Marshall amps Origin

Three combos and two heads kick off the Origin series, a range of single-channel tube amps that boast that classic Marshall tone.

Randall Amplifiers Satan 50

Randall Satan 50


The 50-watt tube head packs in all the monstrous features of the 120-watt Ola Englund signature amp, but with a more modest output.

Boss Katana-Air

boss katana air

The 30-watt combo gives you the freedom to do backflips off the stage and crowd-surf in the worshipful hands of your sea of fans—all while holding down those chords that keep the music pulsing.

Victory Amps VX100 Super Kraken

Victory Amps VX100 Super Kraken

The VX100 Super Kraken is a souped-up version of its predecessor, the VX50, and features Preamp Focus and Poweramp Bass Focus functions to help shape your tone.

PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti signature

PRS Mark Tremonti

The MT 15 Mark Tremonti signature is an all-tube head that is modest in power, yet packed in features.

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