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14 new pedals and effects units for April 2018

14 new pedals and effects units for April 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to pedals.

Tsakalis Audioworks Phonkify

tsakalis phonkify pedal

The Phonkify’s a throwback to ’60s and ’70s funk and soul, combining a wah pedal with octave functionality to give you that ‘phonky’ tone.

Mad Professor Kosmos
mad professor kosmos

Mad Professor’s latest release is a treasure chest of reverbs that boasts 11 reverb types, on top of footswitch-enabled swell and freeze functions.

Death by Audio Deep Animation
Death by Audio Deep Animation

This envelope filter has a six-band frequency selector: Choose which frequencies to victimize and create tones that range from polite filter sweeps to eccentric vocal quacks.

Ramble FX Kismet
Ramble FX Kismet pedal

This overdrive/distortion pedal features two-stage distortion sculpting, an all-analog audio path, and digital functionalities for user-friendliness and versatility.

Dr No Effects Colossus
Dr No Colossus pedal

Dr No Effects’ latest stompbox packs a boost and octave fuzz, and claims to be able to replicate the mythical tones of Jimi Hendrix’s Octavia.

Malekko Thicken
Malekko Thicken pedal

Thicker is better with Malekko’s latest gadget, which combines two short delays and a chorus to create syrupy tones that’s as saccharine as it gets.

Spaceman Effects Mercury IV
Spaceman Effects Mercury IV

It’s not just a boost pedal—it’s a “dynamic tone enhancer that brings out an additional harmonic character from instruments and amplifiers,” says Spaceman Effects.

Doomstick Fuzz
Mr Black Doomstick Fuzz

Mr Black’s latest stompbox is a mean machine built for drop tunings and ‘chugga-chugga’ riffage.

Ghost Fax Phaser
Dwarfcraft ghost fax phaser pedal

Dwarfcraft Devices takes a regular phaser and tinkers with every little detail to create this phase computer. It’s capable of anything from traditional sweeps to far-out cosmic whooshes, and everything else in-between. (And it’s got a secret menu, too.)

Keeley Electronics Germanium Amplifier

Keeley Electronics Germanium Amplifier Pedal

It’s a handcrafted pre-amp that features—you guessed it—Germanium transistors.

Spectra Drive
TC electronics Spectradrive

TC Electronic’s latest gadget is an alternative for bassists who don’t want to hop on the SansAmp bandwagon.

Nektar PACER
Nektar Technology Pacer

This ‘pedalboard’ is actually a versatile footswitch controller that can be used with DAWs, MIDI equipment, and even amps.


Tsakalis Audioworks Galactic

The Galactic is a multi-modulation pedal that draws from five basic mod effects, before combining them to create new sounds.

MOD Kits DIY Bass Fuzz
MOD Kits DIY Rock Bottom

And if you think that none of the pedals above will cut it, you can build your very own with MOD Kit DIY’s Bass Fuzz kit.

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