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17 new pedals and effects units for May 2018

17 new pedals and effects units for May 2018

Every month, we’ll compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to pedals.

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake


With eight algorithms and plenty of tone-shaping options, the Silver Lake can produce anything from short echoes to massive, cascading swells.

Royaltone Fuzz

Royaltone fuzz

A vintage fuzz circuit designed to deliver classic ’70s British rock tones.

IK Multimedia iRig Stomp

Turn your tablet or phone into a pedalboard with the iRig Stomp I/O, which combines a MIDI controller, USB audio interface, an expression pedal and other controller features.

Hiwatt Fuzz King and Octafuzz

These two vintage fuzz pedals were designed by Gary Hurst, inventor of the legendary Tone Bender from the ’70s.

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo

The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo combines a tremolo and an expression pedal, and boasts five unique waveforms.

Walrus Audio Luminary Octave Generator V2

Walrus Audio Luminary V2

This updated version of the Luminary V1 features a bunch of upgrades and tweaks to tone, versatility and cosmetics—but it’s the same monster of an octave pedal.

Mastro Valvola LFO Optical Tremolo

Mastro Valvola LFO Optical Tremolo

Sixteen different waveforms in this tremolo pedal will awaken the mad scientist in you.

Radial Engineering Tonebone AC-Driver
Radial Tonebone AC-Driver

This preamp for acoustic instruments reduces feedback, maintains signal integrity and streamlines your stage performances.

ZVEX Effects Silicon Fuzz Factory

ZVEX Silicon Fuzz Factory

The iconic boutique fuzz box now comes in a silicon, vertical version.

Wampler Pedals Reflection and EQuator

Wampler Reflection Equator

The Reflection is a reverb with two modes, while the EQuator combines a parametric and graphic equalizer to create a player-friendly EQ unit.

Free the Tone Fire Mist

Free the tone Fire Mist Overdrive

The Fire Mist overdrive promises crunchy, classic British rock tones—or, in other words, a Marshall Plexi.

Wilson Effects Slapback Dual Delay

Wilson Effects Slapback Dual Delay

Each of the Slapback’s two delays can be routed separately for crazy signal combinations.

Boss GT-1000

Boss GT-1000Announced at Winter NAMM 2018, the Boss GT-1000 has just started shipping. It’s a digital amp modeler and multi-effects unit that can transform any amp into a vintage tube machine.

Orange Amplifiers OMEC Teleport

Orange OMEC Teleport

The OMEC Teleport is a USB audio interface designed for live use. It fits right onto your pedalboard, and can even be powered by your regular nine-volt adapters.

J Rockett Archer Clean/Color Boost

J Rockett Archer Clean Color boost

Keep it clean or bump up the midrange with this Klon-inspired boost.

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