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New pedals and effects units: February 2018

New pedals and effects units: February 2018

You can never have too many pedals at your feet. That we understand. But with an avalanche of stompboxes, multi-effects units and other gizmos barreling down Mount GAS each week, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So every month, we’ll compile a list of announcements, releases and rumors from pedal makers big and small. Here are our favorites from the past month.

Boss GT-1000

Boss GT-1000

The Boss GT-1000 is a digital amp modeler and multi-effects unit that can transform any amp into a vintage tube machine. The sleek, slim unit also comes with a massive library of effects that have been corralled from pedals such as the DD-500 delay, MD-500 modulation and RV-500 reverb.

Fender pedals

The Fender Marine Layer Reverb (left) and Santa Ana Overdrive (right)

Not since the ’80s has Fender released original effects pedals, but the company is now back in the stompbox business with six new units: the Pugilist Distortion, Mirror Image Delay, Bends Compressor, Marine Layer Reverb, Santa Ana Overdrive and Level Set Buffer.

Electro-Harmonix 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory

Electro-Harmonix 95000 looper

If a regular looper makes you a one-man band, then the Electro-Harmonix 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory will transform you into a full orchestra. The brand claims this to be its most advanced loop pedal to date—but it may very well be the world’s.

Line 6 HX Effects

The Line 6 HX Effects imports all the good stuff from the Helix Rack and Helix Floor into a small gadget that you can fit on your pedalboard. Which means you can now have more than a hundred of the brand’s popular digital effects at your feet.

Empress Effects Zoia

The Zoia is a box of tricks that the boutique brand says is like “LEGO for musical instruments.” Similar to a modular synthesizer, you’re meant to piece together modules to build guitar effects, instruments and utilities.

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

Chase Bliss Thermae

In addition to traditional sounds, the analog delay stompbox packs harmonizing and pitch-shift functions so you can conjure wild and wacky sounds from your guitar, too.

JHS Bonsai

Just in case you thought you had enough of Tube Screamer clones, here’s another one for you: the JHS Bonsai. Except the stompbox isn’t merely a single TS—it’s nine of ’em.

Gamechanger Plasma Pedal

Rather than tubes or transistors, Gamechanger Audio’s latest stompbox uses continuous high-voltage discharges within a xenon-filled tube to produce hot-as-hell distortion tones.

LunaStone drive pedals

The quartet of pedals expands LunaStone’s repertoire beyond overdrive, throwing fuzz and good ol’ rock distortion sounds to the mix.

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