hotone ampero pedal

More than 240 effects, 120 amp and cab models, and a color touchscreen—the Hotone MP-100 Ampero aims to be the most powerful and versatile multi-effects and modeling processor for its price.

Launched at Music China 2018, the Ampero is powered by Hotone’s Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition and Field Impulse Response Enhancement systems. These use dynamic feature modeling—as opposed to the more typical static-state modeling—to mimic complex circuitries and the interactions between their components.

The result, according to Hotone, is tone that is more “vivid, accurate and expressive,” than other digital units.

The sounds

The Ampero shines when it comes to the sheer number of sounds it packs within its lightweight aluminum enclosure.

Besides almost 300 effects culled from its XTOMP and Hotone library, this unit features over a hundred iconic pedal, mic, amp and cab models. Up to nine effects modules can be engaged simultaneously.

Additionally, the Ampero sports a built-in drum machine and looper—the former has 100 patterns, and the latter lets you record overdubs of up to 120 seconds each.

hotone ampero pedal

The controls

When it comes to the controls, the Ampero is sleek and streamlined. It has an expression pedal, four footswitches, three assignable knobs, a master “Volume” control, and a dial to navigate menus and adjust values.

Besides, the Ampero has a four-inch, 800×480 color touchscreen that more than makes up for its modest tactile controls. With it, you’ll be able to easily and quickly choose effects, set up a signal chain and save presets.

The I/Os

On the back of the Ampero, you’ll find a bevy of inputs and outputs that should suffice for most guitarists: an adjustable input for electrics, acoustics and line-level instruments, 1/4-inch stereo outputs, balanced XLR outputs, a MIDI input, a headphone output, and an aux in. There’s also a USB port for managing effects and using the Ampero as an audio interface.

The Ampero is expected to retail for about $300. More information at