Fender NAMM 2019 Acoustic Guitar Line Andy Money
Image: Mike Coppola / Getty Images for Fender

In a recent wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone, Fender CEO Andy Mooney revealed that the industry heavyweight is planning to release a line of American-made acoustic guitars.

Mooney summarised the new guitar line: “We’ve always been strong in $1,000-or-below acoustic guitars, but we’ve never really had American-made acoustic guitars of the levels that artists would feel really good about playing onstage”.

The new acoustic guitars will likely hover around the $2,000 mark, Mooney suggests. That premium segment, according to industry reports, is currently the biggest driver of growth for acoustic guitars. “People who might have bought an entry-level acoustic are now committing to it and want to trade up,” the CEO said.

It seems that the new acoustic guitars have already been well received. Mooney reports that artists who have tried the guitar “are completely blown away because it feels completely new for Fender to have that quality level of an acoustic instrument”.

One of these artists is none other than Phil Collen of Def Leppard, who chanced upon a prototype when he was at a Fender factory working on his signature Charvel guitar. Impressed, he wanted to use it at a Def Leppard concert taking place that very night – a request that Fender understandably had to turn down.

These acoustic guitars are expected to debut at Winter NAMM 2019.