Ananashead Effects launches the MARK1 germanium fuzz

This is a no-nonsense vintage fuzz that won’t cost you a kidney.

Ananashead Effects has unveiled its latest creation, the MARK1 germanium fuzz. If you’re an old soul, you’re going to like this one—and the one-man project’s other products as well, for that matter.

The MARK1 is based on three-transistor designs that were popular way back in the ’60s. For reference, think about stompboxes like the Maestro Fuzz-Tone that Keith Richards rocked on “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” The MARK1 is described by the brand as having a “distinctive zippery vintage tone.” This certainly has a lot to do with the germanium transistors used. The pedal also has a raw quality provided by a combination of sputtering decay and prominent upper mids.

Controls are far from complicated. There are only two knobs—“Volume” and “Attack”—and a two-way mode switch. The “Attack” dial controls how much fuzz and distortion the pedal brings to the mix. And the two modes let you toggle between the full-bodied tone reminiscent of Jeff Beck and a raspier, grittier sound with more upper mids.

Ananashead Effects also welcomes customizations, so adding your own personal touch to the MARK1 is not out of the question.

Listen to the pedal in action here:

The MARK1 lists for EUR 110. More information at ananashead.com.  

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