Chemistry Holeyboard ZigZag
The Zig (left) and Zag (right) modules

Chemistry Design Werks has just released the Holeyboard ZigZag pedalboard. Well, actually, it’s a modular system that allows you to combine separate parts to form a board to suit your needs.

There are only three parts: Zig is a larger, two-tiered board that can fit up to six pedals; Zag is designed expressly for ‘longer’ stompboxes such as wahs; and the Z-Connector does exactly what it says on the tin. So you can combine a Zig with two Zags, for instance, if you have a bunch of expression pedals. Or go all-out with two Zigs to form a massive board. All you need is a screwdriver.

Chemistry Holeyboard ZigZag
The Zig module

Each component features adhesive-free construction: You’re meant to secure your stompboxes using cable-ties that won’t leave any marks on the face of your pedals. And the board’s pretty solid, too. The ZigZag’s built out of aircraft-grade aluminum that’ll take pretty much everything you throw at it.

Prices start from $9.99 for the Z-Connector, but a pack comprising the Zig, Zag and one Z-Connector will set you back $129. For more information, check out

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Chemistry Holeyboard ZigZag
Two Zags flanking a Zig, ideal for if you want to separate your wah and volume pedals in the chain
If you’ve dozens of stompboxes, put two Zigs side-by-side