Barefaced GX Guitar Cab

Acclaimed bass cab maker Barefaced has unveiled its first foray into guitar amplifiers: a pair of lightweight GX cabinets. Straying from typical closed- and open-backed configurations, these 1×10 cabs feature Barefaced’s patent-pending Augmented Vent Diffractor (AVD) enclosure.

From its research, the brand identified certain flaws in conventional cab enclosures. In a closed-cab setting, the sound from the back of the speaker tends to be contained. In an open-cab configuration, however, sound tends to beam out to the rear.

The AVD enclosure aims to rectify these flaws in two ways: by spreading the midrange and treble sounds in a sideways fashion, and keeping the bass turbocharged via a low-end resonance. The brand claims that by using all the sound from both the back and the front of the speaker, the Barefaced GX has the output of a 2×10 despite only having a single 10-inch speaker.

The AVD’s form also allows for a low-cut filter, which enables you to switch between the weighty, fat tone of a closed-back cab and the tight, lean tone of an open-backed configuration.

The GX cabs come in two versions. Here are the details:

  • British Voicing
    • GX cab comes with a smart black cloth grille
    • Voiced for thick, gutsy tones with crisp highs and clear overtones
    • Great for rock, blues, jazz and metal
  • American Voicing
    • GX cab comes with a shiny silver cloth grille
    • Voiced for smooth, driven leads and clean rhythm
    • Great for country, blues, bluegrass and jazz

Check out a promo video for these new cabs:

Retails at £429 each, More information at