Benson launches the Vincent 30 amp

Get consistent dirty tones with the 30-watter’s innovative preamp design.

Benson Amps has introduced its first channel-switching amp, the Vincent 30. It features an innovative design that provides gnarly distortion at any volume you’ve set.

The trick, according to Benson, was to add its Vinny 1 Watt circuit in the preamp section. With that firecracker of an amplifier controlling the compression and distortion, the Vincent allows for grinding power tube-driven distortion—in the dirt channel—at any volume level. Another footswitchable clean channel is modeled after Benson’s Chimera units, known for their pristine tone.

“We wanted to blur the lines between power amp and preamp dirt sounds. The Vincent does this in a way no other amp has before: By inserting a miniature power amp directly into the signal path of the dirt channel, there are zero compromises being made when you step on the footswitch,” said Christopher Benson, founder of Benson Amps.

benson vincent

The 30-watt amplifier features a set of five controls: “Volume,” “Treble,” “Bass,” “Gain” and “Master.” Where tubes are concerned, it has a 6L6, an EL84, two EL34s and three JJ 12AX7s. And for speakers, you can choose between a Celestion G12H30 and Weber 12A125A. An effects loop, set to pedal rather than line level, rounds out the specs.

The Vincent 30 is available as either a head or with a 2×12-inch cabinet.

Hear the amp in action here:

Retails for $2,499 (head only) and $3,398 (head and cabinet). More information at bensonamps.com.

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