Caroline Guitar Company Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz Drive

Caroline Guitar Company has brought back the Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz-Drive. Returning by popular demand, the stompbox had previously been released as a limited, one-day purchase at a fundraiser for mentorship programme Girls Rock Columbia.

Built in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments, the pedal is capable of a range of sounds, from gritty tube tones to vintage British styles to gated fuzz. The pedal also features an internal pickup simulator; this enables the fuzz box to be placed anywhere in a signal chain without compromising tone.

Controls-wise, the Hawaiian Pizza features three interactive knobs that determine output volume, fuzz bias, and input volume. Here’s a deeper look:

Output (‘Pizza’ Icon)

  • Determines the output volume

Starve (‘Pineapple’ Icon)

  • Determines the bias of the fuzz
  • Turn clockwise for a crunchy and dynamic fuzz tone
  • Turn anti-clockwise for a spitty, lo-fi fuzz tone

Input (‘Pork’ Icon)

  • Determines the guitar signal’s level
  • Turn clockwise for a heavy, muddy fuzz tone
  • Turn anti-clockwise for a trebly, brighter fuzz tone

Hear the pedal in action here:

Retails at $169.99. More information at