Catalinbread NiCompressor

Catalinbread has released the NiCompressor, a welcome addition to its impressive effects line-up. This pedal is inspired by the iconic ’70s Loco Box ‘The Choker’ Compressor, and was the last circuit the brand’s founder, Nicholas Harris, worked on before his passing in 2016. 

The NiCompressor offers excellent dynamic compression, making guitar sounds rich and full while preserving top end. It also features dedicated controls that boost desired low and high frequencies.

The pedal features unique controls: a two-band EQ section, a post-compression gain that can get a bit gritty, and a single “Compression” knob. Rounding off the controls is a “Volume” knob.

An illustration of Haystack Rock – a spot off the coast of Oregon that Harris allegedly visited right before his death – is imprinted on the pedal’s chassis as a fitting tribute to the founder.

The NiCompressor is available in two finishes. It retails for $249.99 and is available from 23 November 2018. More information at