Catalinbread gives the Dirty Little Secret an upgrade

Taking its plexi-flavoured overdrive up a notch.

Catalinbread Effects has announced an updated version of the Dirty Little Secret (DLS) overdrive pedal, now known as the DLS Red. 

Similar to the previous limited-edition DLS Red-Mod, this version of the DLS Red comes in a red enclosure with some additional tweaks made to the basic DLS circuitry.

Like its previous iteration, the DLS Red is voiced to be a ‘Marshall-in-a-box’ type of overdrive pedal. However, it is also designed with tonal balance in mind to ensure versatility.


Compared to the standard DLS MKIII, the new Red version features a more refined set of gain stages, while also retaining the original’s hi-gain applications. Tonally, the DLS Red carries less muddiness in the low-mids which translates to greater punch and clarity. 

The three-band EQ has also been altered for higher fidelity. Combined with the Master and Pre-Amp controls, the DLS Red allows for bedroom-friendly hi-gain tones. An internal slider switch allows the user to select from either a ‘Super Lead’ or ‘Super Bass’ tone profile, while a trimpot (also internal) fine-tunes the level of high-treble frequencies.

The DLS Red is hand-built in Portland, Oregon and comes with a four year warranty.

Available now and retails for $189.99. More information at