Collision Devices unveils the Black Hole Symmetry

This three-in-one unit is loaded with fuzz, reverb and delay effects.

French pedal builder Collision Devices has announced itself with the Black Hole Symmetry, a three-in-one stompbox featuring fuzz, reverb and delay effects. These can be engaged individually or combined to produce deep, spacey tones.

On the left side of the pedal are the fuzz controls. Engaging the Singularity footswitch unleashes an uncompromising, destructive fuzz, which can then be tweaked via the Disintegrate – or volume – knob.

Towards the middle of the enclosure, you’ll find the controls for the reverb section. Stomping on the Event Horizon footswitch will engage a luxurious spacey ’verb which is formulated via an FV-1 chip. You can further sculpt the reverb’s character via four knobs: mix, echo, pitch and Radiancy.

Finally, on the right is the delay and modulation section. It features an Ergosphere footswitch that engages a swell of warm echoes and warbly trails formulated by a PT2399 chip. This section is governed by four knobs: mix, time, feedback, and modulation.

According to the brand, this stompbox “was designed to represent the visual and sonic appearance of a black hole”. Make of that what you will, but this pedal seems to be capable of some truly strange sounds.

Check it out in action here:

Pre-orders at €299. More information at collisiongears.com.

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