Win! One of three Mooer Preamp Live pedals worth £329

Enter now to streamline your pedalboard with the Mooer Preamp Live.

In recent years, modern guitar players have become more eager than ever before to simplify their rigs and make them as versatile and tour-friendly as possible.

Chinese pedal manufacturer Mooer is one brand that has embraced this new direction with open arms, and the company claims its new Preamp Live pedal is the “ultimate digital preamp modeller for use in a live situation”. Thanks to our friends at Mooer, we’re giving away three Mooer Preamp Lives to three lucky winners!

Stuffed with 50 tube-amplifier emulations alongside 30 cab simulations, the Preamp Live is a versatile companion to your live setup. With three preset banks, each with 12 channels, you can easily switch between a plethora of sounds on the fly with the pedal’s dedicated footswitches. It also features integrated MIDI, allowing you to add an external MIDI controller to change patches on your behalf.

mooer preamp live back panel

From raucous, Cali-inspired amps to creamy, British tones and everything in between, the innovators at Mooer have ensured that with the Preamp Live, no stone is left unturned.

Just as with a traditional amp, simple manipulation of tones is right at your fingertips with a fully featured four-band EQ system (bass, mid, treble and presence) and a built-in boost section ensures you have that extra lift when needed. An integrated noise gate is also included to tame off any excess noise when you’re going full Slipknot, and the ability to apply both of these effects in pre and post is an inspired touch.

Despite being such a modern piece of machinery, the Preamp Live also features a built-in effects loop, allowing you to run your time-based effects through it just like a standard amplifier.

mooer preamp live cab sims

If you’re particularly finicky with your tone, however, the Preamp Live includes support for third-party impulse responses, meaning you can import these IRs via the dedicated software, or even use the free mobile app, available on both Android and iOS devices.

The Preamp Live comes in a sleek, painted white aluminium chassis, with each knob situated underneath bright LED notches to ensure you’re in full control whether you’re tearing it up in a low-lit underground venue or in dazzling sunlight on a festival stage.

Read our full review of the Preamp Live here.

To find out more about the Mooer Preamp Live, head to mooeraudio.com, and to be in with a chance of winning one of the three pedals we’re giving away, simply answer the following question:

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