Win! An Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset, Attack Decay & Triangle Big Muff Pi worth £288

We've got an all-analogue compressor, a reissue of an 80s classic and the legendary fuzzbox to give away!

Although it seems like we’ve been waiting aeons for EHX to reissue its various Muff iterations of yesteryear, we didn’t expect so many to show up in such a short burst. You now have a variety of options, from sliced-speaker offerings to zippy and velcro-like alternatives.

The Triangle Big Muff Pi is a faithful recreation of the pedal that started it all. Perfect for psychedelic rock or driving power chords, this variation does it all.

The Attack Decay is a reissue of a short-lived 80s model. With a knob assigned to both attack and decay, you can shape your sound with surgical precision, while also adding a blend control to smooth out any hairiness with your dry signal. Poly mode makes every note trigger its own envelope; Mono mode resets the envelope with each note.


Finally, the Tone Corset is an all-analogue OTA compressor that has a particularly organic squash. The four-knob design allows for much more tonal manipulation than your average compressor, while the blend knob ensures you can retain the integrity of your killer guitar tones.

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