Bog Street Leap Guitar Pick Feature

After its Kickstarter project managed to surpass the $5,000 goal in under a month, Bog Street is all set to release the LEAP guitar pick.

The plectrum, the company claims, gives guitarists an “unprecedented level of comfort and stability while offering three different picks in a single tool”.

There are two LEAP models: one for electrics and another for acoustics. Each model has three edges and two distinct sides. One side is contoured for thumb stability and comfort, while the other facilitates a freer picking motion. A hole in the center of the accessory lets the thumb and index finger meet, improving the overall playing feel.

The three edges have different gauge sizes, too. On the electric model, dubbed “Lead”, the gauges are .73mm, .96mm and 1.5mm. And on the acoustic “Rhythm” model, the gauges are .45mm, .70mm and .80mm.

The plectrums are available in a Bright White and Fresh Green colours.

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