Crazy Tube Circuits introduces the Falcon

An overdrive pedal modelled after two legendary amps.

Crazy Tube Circuits Falcon

Crazy Tube Circuits has unveiled the Falcon, an overdrive pedal that takes cues from the ’55 Tweed Deluxe and the ’61 Brownface Princeton amps.

In 2016, the Athens-based company created a custom amp that could morph between the tones of the aforementioned amps. With the Falcon, the brand is aiming to capture that feature in pedal form.

Using JFET technology, Crazy Tube Circuits has managed to recreate the behaviour, sound and feel of the two amps. A vital part of this was emulating the compression and sag of the power amp and tube rectifier, respectively. These components contribute to the pedal’s responsiveness, dynamic and musical quality.

Here’s a quick look at the pedal’s controls:

  • Amp Mode switch:
    • ’55 (Tweed): Has more gain, greater low-end response, and a higher sag/compression
    • ’61 (Brownface): Has a lower gain that produces slightly overdriven sounds
  • Volume knob:
    • Controls the amount of gain
  • Tone knob:
    • Below noon: Smoothens tone
    • Past noon: Boosts upper frequencies and injects extra gain
  • Output knob:
    • Manages output volume. Can be configured to match bypass level or to boost an amp

Check out the pedal in action here:

Retails at €169. More information at


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