Darkglass Microtubes 900

Darkglass Electronics has just thrown the curtains off the new artwork for its popular Microtubes 900.

This limited edition version of the 900-watt bass amp head swaps the utilitarian silver enclosure for a jet black one, emblazoned with Medusa, an ornate black-and-white artwork by Christopher Lovell. As an illustrated Gorgon watches over you, her outstretched finger seems to point to the “Drive” knob—so it’s best to comply.

Besides the flashy new ink, the device is exactly the same. The Microtubes 900 is a single-channel, class-D bass amplifier that gives you full control over four EQ bands, in addition to excellent overdriven tones courtesy of the company’s proprietary Microtubes Engine.

Watch an old demo video of the amp here:


The Microtubes 900 “Medusa” is available for pre-order for $999.95. For more information, check out darkglass.com.