Death By Audio launches the Total Sonic Annihilation 2

The pedal is as wild as its name suggests.

Death By Audio has unveiled the Total Sonic Annihilation (TSA) 2, a follow-up to its first-ever pedal – the original TSA – which was famed for its catalogue of strange, dissonant tones. With a new active boost circuit, the TSA 2 takes you further into Death By Audio’s weird sonic labyrinth.

The TSA 2, like its predecessor, is built on a controllable feedback loop. It receives the input signals from the pedals in the signal chain, and then patches them back into themselves. The result? Total sonic annihilation, of course. And as you’d expect, each type of pedal on the signal chain will yield a distinct sonic profile.

As for the new features, Death By Audio has added an active boost circuit in an attempt to make the TSA 2 “usable for so many more applications where the original fell short”.

Here are the features of the new circuit:

  • Gain: Dials in a “boatload” of gain to turn even the faintest of effects into a growling beast
  • Limiter: Tames the rowdiest effects, for when things get a little too wild
  • Phase: Flips the phase of the effects loop, allowing the TSA 2 to work with all sorts of pedals

Check out the pedal in action here:

Retails for $250. More information at deathbyaudio.com.

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