Deep Space Devices’ first pedal is the stuff of nightmares

And that’s not a bad thing. The Red Ghost produces massive distortion tones that go from haunted wails to earth-shattering growls.

Deep Space Devices Red Ghost

If the first stompbox out of the workshops of Deep Space Devices is anything to go by, the new company is set to unleash fury upon us all. In the best possible way. The Red Ghost is a distortion pedal that offers a swathe of brutal tones through a single knob and two switches.

The “Horde” knob—gotta love those names—controls both the volume and gain. Flick the “Mass” switch to add treble boost or accentuate the low ends. And, finally, a “Shake” switch toggles your tone from what Deep Space Devices describes as a “howling halo of gritty distortion” to “the sound of marching death.”

Oh, and the crimson, devilish artwork—skeleton hordes! Lantern-toting specters!—that emblazons the pedal deserves a special shout out, too.

Check out the teaser video below to hear the Red Ghost scream:

The Red Ghost retails for $95. For more information, check out


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