Deep Space Devices Trigonaut

Deep Space Devices has pulled the covers back on its latest creation: the Trigonaut, a modulated fuzz stompbox.

Alongside a fuzz circuit, the pedal offers two unique modulation options: an ‘octave glitch’ and other stutter effects. These are signal disruptors that produce noisy, experimental tones.

The overall effect is governed by three master knobs. “Volume” and “Gain” need little introduction. “Reign” shapes two parameters: the tone of the lower mids, as well as the presence level of the octave glitch or stutter effect.

As the fuzz and modulation options are understandably complex, here’s a brief breakdown of how they can be sculpted:

Fuzz Toggle Switch

  • “Bite” preset: Produces a trebly and mid-focused drive
  • “Gnaw” preset: Produces a mid-focused drive
  • “Crunch” preset: Produces a mid and bass-focused drive

EQ and modulation

  • “Bass” switch
    • Up: Boosts bass presence
  • “Feedback” switch
    • Up: Produces more treble
    • Down: Produces a levelled drive output
  • “Stutter” switch
    • Up: Sets the modulation effect as octave glitch
    • Down: Sets the modulation effect as stutter


  • “Bypass” switch: Engages the pedal
  • “Consume” switch: Engages the octave glitch/stutter effect
  • “Momentary” switch: Temporarily engages the octave glitch/stutter effect at max level

Hear the pedal in action here:

Pre-orders at $215. More information at