Dr No Effects’ latest release is a boost and octave fuzz in one

The Colossus gives you the tones of Jimi Hendrix’s Octavia, but with the potential to be cranked to 11.

Dr No Effects has announced the release of the Colossus, a twin pedal that consists of a boost and an Octavia, popularized by Jimi Hendrix.

Designed over two years, the pedal is the result of a collaboration between Triggerfinger guitarist Ruben Block and Dr No. It can be used as a high-gain boost, an octave fuzz, or both at the same time.

Each ‘channel’ has an individual set of controls. With the Boost engaged, use the “Volume,” “Tone,” “Bass” and “Gain” knobs located on top of the pedal to conjure tones ranging from sparkling cleans to a meaty growl. And when you’ve got the Octavia on, use the “Octavia Fuzz Volume” and a two-way “Gain” switch, both located on the side of the pedal, to dial in the right amount of fuzz.

The Colossus isn’t only fully hand-crafted—it’s also hand-signed by Block and Dr No. Oh, and check out the handmade “million-dollar looking” brass buttons, too.

You can hear the Colossus on the track “Colossus,” featured in Triggerfinger’s latest album:

The Colossus lists for EU 276. For more information, check out drno-effects.com.

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