Dr No’s new pedal is a space cadet’s dream

The aptly named Moon Canyon packs an overdrive, reverb and delay into one stunning stompbox.

There are utilitarian-looking pedals and gorgeously designed ones—and then there’s the Moon Canyon. Dr No’s new stompbox is a luscious work of art that will look as good on your mantlepiece as it will on your pedalboard. But its beauty extends well below the surface.

Moon Canyon is designed in collaboration with Sarah Lipstate, a guitarist who records under the pseudonym Noveller. Her music is instrumental, dreamy and lush, which means it’s only natural that the stompbox is an overdrive, reverb and delay packed into one.

The effects are arranged in series, from OD to reverb to delay, with an effects loop between the drive and ’verb so you can add more units before the time-based functions kick in. You can engage each individually, and doing so lights up a tiny model of our Moon in the center of the enclosure—depending on which effect’s activated, a different portion of the heavenly body will illuminate.

Dr No Moon Canyon
Moon Canyon in ‘full cycle’—or when all four sub-units are activated

On to the sounds. The overdrive is a transparent, articulate one that’s meant to work beautifully with the reverb and delay. You can tweak the volume, tone and drive, as well as boost the low end. Moon Canyon’s reverb is based on the Belton reverb brick, and is capable of cathedral-filling atmospheres. Lastly, the delay is modeled after analog units—and, for all you noiseniks out there, it’s capable of self-oscillation.

As a bonus, Moon Canyon comes with two mono outputs and ships in an intricately illustrated box that shares the Art Deco-inspired graphics of the pedal itself. It almost looks like a vintage Jules Verne book plucked from the shelves of a musty old library.

Listen to an early prototype of Moon Canyon here:

Moon Canyon retails for EUR 429, and will start shipping on June 10. For more information, check out drno-effects.com.

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