Dusky Electronics releases the Hypatia

It’s fuzz, distortion and OD rolled into one.

Dusky Electronics has launched the Hypatia, a versatile dirt box that can take you from sludgy fuzz tones to blown-out overdrive with a twist of a knob.

The circuit’s main features are its wide-range gain control and adjustable low end. The former lends to the Hypatia’s versatility as a dirt box, delivering anything from sustaining fuzz to stuttering OD. The latter, however, allows the pedal to work with different instrument types and any genre you throw at it.

Controls-wise, the pedal sports a no-frills design with only four knobs to mess about with:

  • “More”: Volume
  • “Light”: Treble
  • “Meat”: Bass
  • “Heat”: Gain

Elsewhere, the Hypatia features a unique input buffer that ensures optimal sound wherever it’s placed in the signal chain. And finally, Dusky Electronics has also thrown in a MOSFET-based output buffer that it said “provides enough output volume to get even more drive straight from your amp, as well as impart some amp-like flavor of its own—which complements the ragged, transistor-y core of the Hypatia perfectly.”

Check it out in guitar and bass demos here:

Lists for $180. More information at duskyamp.com.

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