EHX’s Tri Parallel Mixer gives you mastery over FX loops

Run FX loops in parallel for unique sounds.

EHX Tri Parallel Mixer white background

EHX has stepped up its switching game this year with the Switchblade Pro and Super Switcher. The boutique brand is keeping up that trend with the Tri Parallel Mixer, a device that’s both an FX loop switcher and a useful mixing hub.

As its name suggests, this compact unit features three independent FX loops that are run in parallel. Though it’s primarily a loop switcher, the device also doubles up as a mixing hub. You’ll be able to send a single instrument out to three amplifiers – useful for a large rig – and even mix three instruments into a single output.

The three loops are engaged by three footswitches, respectively. There are two modes of footswitch-toggling: AND and XOR. AND is the default mode which simply activates or deactivates loops. XOR, on the other hand, works more like a switcher. This mode ensures that when one loop is engaged, the other two are automatically turned off.

As you’d expect, the Tri Parallel Mixer has a large set of controls. These include master and dry volume knobs as well as three sets of loop controls, each with send, return, phase and EQ knobs.

Check out EHX’s new utility tool in action below:

Available at $138.70. More info at


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