Electro Harmonix Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix has introduced the Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi. It combines the versatile range of the Civil War and the Green Russian Big Muff with the dynamic controls of the Deluxe Big Muff Pi. The result is a moderately complex, but highly comprehensive, drive unit.

Tone-wise, this stompbox can be tweaked to unleash fuzz/distortion that has “devastating low end, crisp highs and non-scooped mids”, according to EHX founder Mike Matthews.

Like most other Big Muff pedals, the Sovtek Deluxe has standard “Volume”, “Tone” and “Sustain” knobs. Here are other the controls:

  • “Blend” knob: Dials in the dry/wet signal mix
  • “Gate” knob: Sets level of noise gate
  • “Mids” footswitch: Engages “Mids EQ” section
  • “Mids Freq” knob: Sets mid frequency band (between 310Hz to 5kHz)
  • Mids Level” knob: Boosts/cuts mid frequency by 10dB
  • “High Q/Low Q” switch: Sets the EQ’s bandwidth/resonance
  • “Wicker” switch:
    • Up: Engages a high-frequency bandwidth for pronounced attack
    • Down: Engages the Green Russian Big Muff sound

Check out the pedal in action here:


Retails for $149. More information at ehx.com.