Electro-Harmonix’s new pedal is its “best reverb” yet

The Oceans 11 crams 11 reverb types—from calm to crazy—into one slim stompbox.

Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb

Move aside, Cathedral and Holy Grail. Electro-Harmonix has just announced what it labels as its “best reverb” unit to date: the Oceans 11.

The pedal packs 11 reverb algorithms into a slim stompbox. And with that many ’verbs on offer, there’s plenty for players looking to create specific ambient sounds. Besides the usual hall, spring and plate types, Oceans 11 has reverse reverb for all you shoegazers as well as other, more unique modes.

Like Trem, Shimmer and Poly. The former creates a gentle vibrato effect, while Shimmer produces an octave-up wash over your notes. And the latter is probably the kookiest mode on the unit. It issues two bi-directional pitch shifts, which can be configured in major/perfect or dissonant intervals, that can coax sitar and 12-string sounds from your guitar. Oh, and most of the reverb types come with three voices each.

There are only three knobs to tinker with: “Tone,” “Time” and “FX Level.” It may not sound like much, but hitting the “Mode” button in the center of the pedal will bring up a ‘secondary knob mode.’ This transforms the “Tone” and “Time” knobs into different parameters—they depend on which ’verb type you’ve selected—to further fine-tune your tone.

Listen to the Oceans 11 here:

The Oceans 11 retails for $147.80. For more information, check out ehx.com.


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