Become An Elixir Strings Test Pilot With G&B

We’ve partnered with Elixir Strings to give away 20 sets of their brand new lightweight and natural-feeling Optiweb strings, and we want your feedback!

Uncoated strings are widely popular for their natural feel and playability, both of which can come at the expense of the lifespan of your tone. Prepare to forget everything you know about coated strings.

Elixir’s innovative Optiweb coating technology provides a lightweight coating that enhances the life of your tone whilst not compromising on playability, feel and sustain.ElixirHead over to to hear an A/B sound comparison of Elixir’s Optiweb coated strings versus an uncoated alternative. We want to hear your thoughts, so comment below or on our Facebook page and let us know whether you can hear the difference.