Epiphone Jason Hook Explorer

Never mind Gibson’s troubles. Epiphone has taken it all in stride, even releasing a new signature guitar for Jason Hook, who plays in Five Finger Death Punch: the Ltd Ed Jason Hook “M-4” Explorer Outfit.

Think of it as a hot-rodded Explorer—and we’re not just talking about the Sherman tank-inspired graphic emblazoned on the instrument. This axe has two Seymour Duncan humbuckers: the PAF-harking ’59 at the neck and the high-output JB Model at the bridge. In other words, it’s a guitar built for rock ’n’ roll.

Other Hook-endorsed tweaks on the guitar include a custom SlimTaper neck, granadilla fretboard, added body contours for comfort, and a deeper cutaway for easier access to the 22 super jumbo frets. But like a regular Explorer, this model has a mahogany body and set neck.

For more information, check out epiphone.com.