NAMM 2019: News, rumours and previews

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming show.

NAMM Show 2018

When and where is Winter NAMM 2019?

Winter NAMM 2019 takes place from 24 to 27 January 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County, California.

We’ll be reporting live from the show floor, bringing you all the latest news and demo videos so you’ll be able to see the hottest new guitars, amplifiers, effects and accessories at NAMM 2019 on your phone, tablet or computer. Make sure you follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and our website!

This page will be regularly updated in the lead-up to NAMM 2019. Here’s what we know so far:


Martin Special and Limited Edition Feature
The Martin 2019 Special- and Limited-edition models

Martin is striding into NAMM 2019 with some eye-catching lines. Just this week, the legendary acoustic guitar company unveiled stunning special- and limited-edition models, along with updates to its Dreadnought Jr and Road series’. These lines are joined by two Woodstock 50th Anniversary models and the newly-minted Modern Deluxe Series.

Ernie Ball Music Man enters the NAMM fray with the 2019 John Petrucci Majesty model. Though the brand didn’t give much away in its teaser video, we did spot a ruby red-like flame top adorning the guitar.

Gibson recently released the limited-edition Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335. Based on Cornell’s original Gibson ES-335, this axe pays homage to the singer’s enduring legacy. Aside from this special piece, the brand is looking to get back on track with multiple key releases. The 2019 show will be a first for Gibson’s new CEO, James ‘JC’ Curleigh, so you can bet the pressure is on.

PRS has unveiled three new SE signature models: the SE Santana Singlecut Trem, the SE Schizoid and the SE Paul’s Guitar. This release comes hot off the heels of the brand’s stunning McCarty 594 Hollowbody II. Back in November, PRS had announced the first wave of its 2019 line-up, including a revamped “Paul’s Guitar”, an SE Custom 24 with Ziricote veneer, and a few handsome SE acoustics.

Cort begins its NAMM 2019 proceedings with the MR720F acoustic-electric guitar. It features the brand’s CITES-approved Evorose tonewood, which emulates rosewood’s visual and sonic qualities.

Godin is set to turn heads with the Daryl Stuermer DS-1 signature guitar. This axe features a beautiful AA flame top that’s dipped in an arresting high-gloss Trans Red finish. That’s not all from the Canadian brand, who has its first-ever acoustic line lined up for NAMM 2019. It’s early days, but we can’t wait to see how Godin brings its acclaimed electric workmanship to the acoustic arena.

Vintage Guitars has unveiled the V120 and V132, two punk-inspired guitars that feature a classic single-cutaway design and black humbuckers. The brand also recently launched a trio of releases, including a tribute guitar to Mick Ronson, an updated VS6 line and a versatile bass.

Fret-King has announced a second signature guitar for acclaimed guitarist, John Jorgenson. This axe comes with unique sonic appointments and a stunning Candy Apple Red finish.

Epiphone’s DC PRO is a modern take on the brand’s 70s-era Del Rey Double Cut guitar. The axe is decked in an arresting AAA flame maple veneer top and shiny nickel hardware.

Supro has released the David Bowie 1961 Dual Tone, an elegant hard-tail guitar that’s modelled after the Thin White Duke’s first-ever Dual Tone.

Ibanez is set to take NAMM 2019 by storm with over 40 new models in the offing. The Japanese brand’s huge line-up includes a new Axion Line and signature modelsadditions to its RG, ART, and Hollow Body lines, as well as fresh updates to its acoustic and bass categories.

Taylor teased fans with a video that revealed a new acoustic guitar. We’re not certain what the brand has up its sleeve, but it has certainly stoked excitement ahead of NAMM 2019.

Lowden‘s limited-edition Winter 2018 collection will likely make an appearance at NAMM. The brand recently unveiled 25 exquisite acoustic guitars built with the rare Tiger Myrtle wood, and we can expect nothing short of quality from the acclaimed brand.

ESP has launched an extensive preview of its 2019 line-up. The Japanese company is upping the ante with a massive number of updates to seven categories across its ESP and LTD lines.

Schecter is already making waves with its 2019 line-up. As with previous years, the company has revealed a sizable collection: 16 electric guitars thus far, including Reaper models with arresting burl tops.

Fender is looking to start 2019 strong, having already launched nine guitars in its American Performer series. Pegged as the most affordable made-in-America Fenders yet, these axes hover around the $1,000 mark. This already has the community abuzz, so it’ll be interesting to see what else this titan has up its sleeve. And let’s not forget the reissue of Jimmy Page’s ‘Dragon’ Tele.


The VOX VX50GTV (left) and VX15GT (right). Not to scale

Vox’s preparation for NAMM 2019 is well underway with two additions to its VX amp line. The VX50GTV and VX15GT are digital modelling combos equipped with vintage amp emulations and a suite of in-built effects.

Orange has shown its hand with the Pedal Baby 100 and TremLord 30. The former is a 100-watt Class A/B power amplifier, while the latter is a tube combo amp with features suited to the modern player.

Blackstar is gearing up for NAMM 2019 with a slew of new releases. The brand unveiled the tube-powered HT-20R MkII amp along with the HT-212V MkII cab. Last week, Blackstar also announced an all-new Studio 10 amp line, consisting of three 10-watt tube combos inspired by classic models from the US and UK.

Headrush has released the FRFR-108 cabinet to complement its highly rated amp modellers. This lightweight unit packs 2,000-watts of amplified tone, and is designed for tonal clarity, punch and expansive headroom.

Aguilar Amplification is warming up with the SL 115 bass cab. Joining the brand’s SL line, this compact cab is capable of producing deep lows, an articulate midrange and a smooth high-end.

Supro is taking the vintage route with the Blues King 12 amplifier. This 15-watter is voiced for the sounds of early rock ’n’ roll and the British Invasion.

Blackstar is gearing up for NAMM 2019 with an all-new Studio 10 amp line. This range consists of three 10-watt tube combos that are inspired by classic models from the US and UK.

Suhr has unveiled a load box that it’s touting as a speaker cab replacement: the Reactive Load IR. This nifty little device, as its name suggests, comes with 16 Suhr speaker cab impulse responses. You can also load third-party impulse responses via USB.

Mesa Boogie hasn’t spilled the beans on its new guitar amplifiers, but the brand has unveiled three new additions to its Subway line of bass amps.

Boss has already dialled up the heat with the reveal of the Waza Tube Amp Expander, set for release in Spring 2019. Billed as a “first-of-its-kind tube amp command centre”, this gizmo represents the kind of innovation we’re hoping to see at the 2019 show. The company has also unveiled two new amps – the Nextone-Artist and Nextone-Stage – that we’ll definitely see at NAMM.

Effects pedals

Revv G4

Revv is pulling no punches with its G4 gain pedal. This amp-in-a-box unit is capable of sledgehammer-like distortion, saturated leads, and a dynamic blues tone.

EarthQuaker Devices has released the third edition of its popular Dispatch Master pedal. This digital delay and reverb unit comes with the brand’s new Flexi-switch. Earlier this month, the brand also made its entry into junction box game with the multi-talented Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler.

Morley is zeroing in on NAMM 2019 with the ABY and ABC Pro Selectors. Based on the brand’s original units, these devices enable you to seamlessly switch between multiple amplifiers.

Strymon has unveiled the mind-boggling Volante pedal. Dubbed as a “magnetic echo machine,” this powerful device equips you with an excellent selection of effects, including three vintage echo emulations, a sound-on-sound looper and a vintage-leaning spring reverb.

Mad Professor has a new Double Moon modulation pedal. This shiny gold stompbox packs a wide array of chorus, flanger and vibrato effects.

LR Baggs expands its Align series with chorus and delay units. As with the other pedals in this range, these effects are specially tuned to acoustic guitars.

Joyo keeps ’em coming with the R-series’ Cab Box, OMB Looper/Drum Machine and Aquarius Multi Delay & Looper. These three units are set to lead the brand’s line-up at NAMM.

Electro-Harmonix in early December announced three new pedals: the Sovtek Big Muff Pi, the Nano Battalion and the Flatiron Fuzz. These will likely be the centrepieces of EHX’s NAMM offerings.

Nexi Industries and Orianthi are also collaborating on a series of pedals. Although no details have yet been dropped, the brand said these stompboxes will be released at NAMM 2019.

Dunlop has also kick-started the upcoming year with a trio of new products: the MXR Mini ISO-Brick Power Supply, MXR Vintage Bass Octave and Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive MKII.


IK Multimedia AXE I/O

IK Multimedia is leading the charge on the interface front with the guitar-centric AXE I/O. This compact device is designed to capture your guitar’s tone in pristine form. Previously, the brand debuted the SampleTank 4, a workstation with professional-quality sounds, powerful editing capability, diverse effects and an intuitive interface.

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