Ronald Reagan shooter John Hinckley scheduled for Brooklyn show: “Ticket sales are good”

The shooter-turned-singer has booked himself a show at the Market Hotel on 8 July.

John Hinckley, the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, will perform a live show in Brooklyn this summer.

In 1981, John Hinckley Jr — who now goes by John Hinckley — shot then-president Reagan and three others in a failed assassination attempt. After spending 34 years under institutional psychiatric care, Hinckley was released in 2016 into the custody of his mother.

Following his release, Hinckley began making music and has since released 10 songs on Spotify and more than thirty onto his YouTube channel. Last Friday, the shooter-turned-singer announced on Twitter that he will be performing some of his songs live at an upcoming show at Brooklyn’s Market Hotel on 8 July.


He tweeted: “I’m very excited about my upcoming show. Ticket sales are good. July 8th, Market Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.” Hinckley also noted that “special guests” would be making appearances.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions, with many on Twitter demanding an explanation as to why Market Hotel would book someone who had previously tried to kill a president.

The hotel replied, “The man served 40 years in prison / mental health treatment, paid his debt to society. Several darlings of indie music had mental health issues + committed violence / tried to kill people. Daniel Johnston for instance attempted murder more than once and tried to crash an airplane.”

Scenic Presents, the Brooklyn company that is in charge of the show also tweeted the news.


Tickets for the show cost $20 each, and proof of completed COVID vaccination and a mask are required for entry.

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