Fender is selling five mint-condition vintage Strats from its vault on Reverb

Fancy owning a near-mint condition Strat that served as the blueprint for some of Fender’s most popular vintage reissues? Time to get your wallet out…

Even if you could afford one, tracking down a golden-era Fender Stratocaster that hasn’t got a fair few dents, scuffs and dinks is nearly impossible. But now thanks to the new Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop, if you have the means, you could own one of five near-mint 50s and 60s Strats that have come straight out of the company’s vintage guitar vault. 

These aren’t just any vintage Strat. These are the instruments that have provided the direct inspiration for many Fender reissue models over the years – including the current American Vintage and Vintera ranges – as well as scores of Custom Shop guitars. 


The five initial guitars are pretty much a who’s who of desirable golden-era Strats, and each one comes with a huge amount of information about its build and what if any modifications the guitar has had in its life. 

First up is an ash-bodied 1954 Two-Colour Sunburst Stratocaster, which was assembled by Gloria on 17/6/1954, and is all-original with the exception of a new nut – but never fear the guitar’s original nut is still in the case – and a replaced tremolo spring claw screw, strap button screw and saddle height adjustment screws. 

Next we have another Two Colour Sunburst Strat, this time shipped from the factory in March 1957 – this one however is 100 per cent all-original, and is exactly as it was when it left Fullerton that day, right down to the solder connections. 

Perhaps the most striking of the bunch is a pre-CBS L serial number 1965 Lake Placid Blue, which is all-original with the exception of the neck pickup, which has been rewound, and has amazing lacquer checking. 


Another 1965 Strat for sale is a Candy Apple Red model – in 1965 the undercoat was changed from silver to gold, and this is the latter kind. It again is all-original with very light wear on the neck pocket, and has the legend ‘CA Red’ carved under the pickguard. 

The final guitar on the 1965 Three-Colour Sunburst Strat and here every component, screw and solder joint is original, including the ‘green’ guard. Pots date from the 14th week of 1965, with pickups wound by ‘Abby’ – possibly the legendary Fender pickup winder Abigail Ybarra. 

These guitars, of course, aren’t going cheap, with prices ranging from $33,000 for the Candy Apple Red ’65 to $85,000 for the ’54, however, you get well taken care of for that kind of outlay. 

Each of these guitars includes an additional set-up and inspection by a Custom Shop Master Builder, as well as a limited two-year Custom Shop warranty, plus a certificate of authenticity, and as an added perk of buying from the Fender Certified Vintage Shop, Reverb will hand-deliver the guitar anywhere in the continental United States.

Check out all five guitars on the Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop here