Fender releases Josefina Hand-Wound Tomatillo Strat pickups

The single-coils are designed to emulate aged alnico V pups from the 50s.

Fender has unveiled a set of single-coil Tomatillo Strat pickups, which share the same lineage as the brand’s Ancho Poblano and El Diablo pickups.

The new pups have been hand-wound by Fender Custom Shop’s master pickup winder Josefina Campos, and are named as such because they have a “sweet flavour, yet they have a tanginess to them”, according to Mike Lewis of Fender Custom Shop.

The Tomatillos feature Formvar magnet wire, shellac dipped-designs and alnico II magnets. The latter, according to Fender, is able to simulate “what an aged alnico V pickup from the 50s might sound like today.”


Watch Lewis demo the pickups here:

Retails at $499.99 (as a set). More info at fender.com.